Photo of a Quiz Meisters staff member

Dave Cheney

Talent & Events Manager

This guy should be called Thomas, cause he certainly knows how to train (Choo Choo)! Dave received a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences with honours (First Class). During his study, he received a handful of Dean’s Commendations cause he’s a very smart boy.

Dave joined the Quiz Meisters team as a host back in 2019 after seeing a quiz at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, and quickly rose to be one of the greatest hosts we’ve ever had. He’s using everything he learned from his degree and from hosting to train and onboard our hosts to be harder, better, faster, and stronger. Now he's taking all this know-how to the corporate kingdom too - what can't the boy do?!

When he’s not working you can find him on a rock wall, running through a forest and slapping da bass.