Survey Says has mined the brains of the average Aussie to create a gameshow without facts (that still feels like pub trivia). That’s right, where nerds reign supreme at your local quiz night, Survey Says champions the average joe.

"What’s the best chip flavour?"
"Which occupation is best with their hands?"
"What’s the sexiest letter?"

The actual answers don't matter!

All that matters is that you can think just like the hundreds of Aussies that we have surveyed to determine the most popular responses.

After 19 years as a trivia market leader in Australia we thought it was about time punters had something new to play. Something easier, that appeals to a wider audience but keeps the elements of fun, healthy debate and competition.

The results? Well, SURVEY SAYS... It's a hit!

WHERE to play

Survey says is currently rolling out across Australia. We're adding new shows each month so check back regularly to see if there's a location near you. Or reach out to suggest a venue! Currently you can play Survey Says at:


A Crowd Pleasing Trivia Alternative
Are you a venue owner / manager looking to add something different to your event line up?  Talk to us about getting Survey Says started at your location.

Be one of the first to bring a fun new experience  your local community. Simply fill out a quick expression of interest and our team we'll reach out ASAP.

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A smiling crowd and dog enjoying a survey says show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Survey Says Special?

There isn’t another pub game out there like Survey Says. It's not reliant on pop-culture or sports knowledge - it's just a matter of opinion. Which means anyone can play, it's easy to pick up, anyone can win, and there is bound to be some surprising answers at every show.

In an era where everyone wants something new Survey Says stands out as an innovation amongst the traditional trivia nights across Australia. Survey Says brings all the fun of trivia and popular TV gameshows to the bar. Providing punters a fun-filled couple of hours at their favourite venue with a healthy dose of competition.

Is It Fun?

We've been producing games and entertainment concepts since 2004. We’ve made some crackers and, admittedly, some that don't hit the mark. We always strive to make all of our products fun, funny, innovative and dynamic. It's the first factor, that seems to make them last the test of time.

The good news is, Survey Says passes the fun test!

Even before introducing our concepts to the world, we develop them internally and test them on our staff. Of all of the shows we have developed, Survey Says has been the most fun. Luckily - that same feeling has been shared by public audiences.

“It’s much more fun than trivia” and “I didn’t feel dumb playing it” and “It didn’t matter about the answers being wrong or right." These are some of the common pieces of feedback we've received.

Everyone loves the heated debates, shocking reveals and delightful triumphs!

Who Is the Show For?

The beauty of Survey Says is that it's been built from the ground up to appeal to a wider audience than any of our previous concepts. Since it's not all about facts / figures there is plenty of room for healthy banter, debates and guesstimates. That means everyone can get involved - playing in teams or individually as disered.

Our survey audience (from which we draw our answers) is made up of hundreds of people of various characteristics from around Australia. Which means the questions can be about anything and everything - just like the responses!

One of our regular attendee families have a 4 year old that contributes to the answers as much as anyone else!

Does A Show Require Much Tech?
One thing we've learned over the years is that keeping things simple is really the best policy. Survey Says can be run with a basic AV set up - screen, speaker(s) and mic. Our team will ensure everything is set up right from the first show and are on-hand if you have any tech questions. After all, we've been setting up AV for almost two decades!

There's no fancy devices or peripherals needed by the audience either. The trusty pen and paper (provided by us via Words with Heart) get the job done. Plus, trust us, teams will want the ability to scratch out and change up the answers!