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Quiz Meisters is Australia's largest and most trusted trivia company. We've been partnering with pubs, bars and breweries around Australia since 2004, helping to build successful weekly events that get people coming back week-after-week. How? By balancing smart business practices with good ol’ stupid fun.


What is quiz meisters?

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Anyone can ask questions to a crowd. That’s why we focus on entertaining the audience while they quiz. Our left-of-field approach brings more smiles and conversation, which brings in bigger crowds.

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Anyone can go online, copy a list of trivia questions and go ask them on a microphone with a splash of personality. That’s literally the business model of most trivia ‘companies’. Sometimes that approach can get lucky for a while, but the overall success rate of those sort of shows is low. It gives trivia a bad name!

We are in the business of building long-term trivia relationships with our venues to build loyal crowds that extend further than just lovers of trivia. While it’s important to get the trivia right (that’s why we have question writers that actually research and write questions every week), we approach our trivia events from a performance / entertainment perspective. We make the shows fun and interactive and then give a heap of support to promote them well.

As for the players, it becomes their weekly social sport. Regardless of whether they win or not, they come back week-after-week because we create a fun, social, gamified weekly challenge that they get to argue over, laugh over and work together on. Our questions spark conversation and camaraderie. We avoid repetitive multiple-choice or buzzer style questions, and instead create a party-styled quiz that keeps the drinks flowing and the people coming back.



Dodgy film re-enactments. A cowboy obsessed with silhouettes. Porn Stars and My Little Ponies. We are professional idiots that blend brains with the bizarre.

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Our shows appeal to a wider demographic because we don’t have trivia as the main focus. Instead, we use trivia as the medium that we clown around in. By introducing video questions to the industry in 2004, we were able to blend in our absurd humour from our various comedic backgrounds to create bits in the show that people talk about in the weeks to follow. Our CEO even used his studies in cognitive neuroscience to ensure each show was dynamic and fun to keep the interest of the audience for the full 2-hours.

We started this company because we were tired of hosting boring trivia nights. We literally made it our business to make trivia that’s actually fun. Years later, we are now the experts in fusing quirky with quiz. So much so that we often work with large brands to create all sorts of trivia activations both online and in real-life. We would never have had these opportunities if we weren’t seen as more than just another trivia company. We’re a part of thousands of Australians' weekly routine, and that’s because we’ve done everything we can to make each quiz night as fun, funny and dynamic as humanly possible.

Check out the videos below to get a sample of how we make all of our shows so unique and fun.



A whole lot more for a whole lot less. Clever production practices allows us to offer more than any other trivia outfit.

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Quiz Meisters was born under the philosophy of cleverly using technology to enrich the pub trivia experience without needing to be rich to be able to afford it. We have continued to evolve and adapt Quiz Meisters to stay relevant in the zeitgeist of technology, social media and public interests whilst always improving and extending our services. We guarantee that we put more effort into the production and promotion of our trivia than any other trivia outfit - yet how do we keep it the same price or cheaper than our competitors? It’s all about scale.

We started Quiz Meisters with two ambitions: 1) offer more than any other trivia company and; 2) have over 100 weekly trivia shows running. So, scaling what we do has always been a focus in how we produce everything, and after doing it for this long, we have got pretty darn good at it.

We always wanted each individual pub show to look and feel like it’s own TV game show. To do that, we put a lot of effort and production into the host training, the video questions, the segment jingles, the stupid games, the graphics, our social media - all to make it fun, silly, irreverant and engaging. We then use a heap of boring project management practices and a bunch of fancy apps to get that out to all of our shows around the country.

The end result is that you get more bang for your buck. We combine the low-key appeal of a fun local host with the production backing of a clever creative production team. It’s a winning formula that consistently gets the best results, all whilst keeping the costs down.

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Both our trivia questions and our trivia hosts go through a rigorous screening process before we unleash them onto the world. They’re both so likable that you’ll want to buy them both a beer!

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Despite all the bells and whistles, at the core of each show, our trivia is bloody great! Our head quiz writer keeps the quiz topical, well balanced, challenging and interesting. We heavily scrutinise and test our quizzes before they are released to make sure they are accurate and pass our internal testing. They only get released when we think, “Yeah, that’s a good quiz.”

To deliver our awesome quizzes, we get people who are even more awesome. We hold regular national auditions and those that get through are then trained to master the art of quiz hosting. We don’t look for silky smooth radio voices or plastic, cheesy presenters, we find the lovable class clowns they everyone wants to be mates with. We then arm them with the best darn pub quiz show in the world and teach them how to get the most out of it.

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One key to building any successful weekly entertainment is ongoing advertising. Rather than dump a few posters at your door, we offer a huge range of print, digital image and video options so you’ll never run out of ways to attract more people to your venue.

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Not only do we give you a huge suite of assets and resources to kick-off your trivia campaign, we add new content every month. It’s turning into a real library of print files, digital images and videos to help you continue the trivia conversation in between shows.

Most trivia companies give you a bunch of posters and say “good luck!” However, we understand that approach doesn’t suit everybody, especially now that everyone is spending more time online. We not only give you different styles and looks, we deliver them in the most commonly used formats.

There are a bunch of logos and graphic assets you can add to your own designs, and if you have an idea for something that we haven’t thought of, there’s even a suggestion form that goes straight to our creative team.



Partnering with Quiz Meisters gets you an awesome weekly quiz and the benefits of trading since 2004. Take advantage of our brand, advice and all of the evolved goodness that comes with the deal.

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When you partner with Quiz Meisters, you are not just getting an awesome weekly quiz, you are getting all the benefits of a business that's been trading since 2004. We have literally worked with hundreds of pubs, bars and corporations from around the country, learning from both our successes and our mishaps. And our standpoints are not just anecdotally based, we have crunched data from all of our shows to find trends in cities, seasons, demographics and more.

Our CEO is not some recently-appointed hot-shot, he is also the company’s co-founder, and even had 5 years of trivia business experience before starting Quiz Meisters in 2004! He has helped to adapt the brand through different phases, nurturing it to be the popular force it is in the trivia industry today, and after the recent rebuild we did during lockdown, Quiz Meisters is coming back looking better than ever.

Partnering with us means that you can use the collateral that comes with our brand. Take advantage of the reputation and following we have in the trivia world, and use it to build your own trivia following at your venue. We don’t just bring the best trivia package to improve your chances of building a successful trivia night, we also have a heap of advice to offer on how best to do that. And remember, if we put on a bad trivia night at your venue, it affects us a lot more than it’ll affect you - so if we don’t think it’ll work at your venue, we won’t waste your time.



The secret to having an unforgettable trivia night lies not only in the questions themselves but also in the overall experience. We're proud to have built a tight-knit community that really cares about our trivia and our venues.

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We believe that the key to a memorable trivia night is not just in the questions, but in the experience. We are proud to have built a strong community that sets us apart from any other trivia company in the country. Our secret? We infuse personality into every aspect of our events, creating an unforgettable experience for your venue.

We don't just assign a host to a venue; we create a match made in trivia heaven. Our hosts are more than someone with a mic and a piece of paper; they are characters who bring their unique flair to each event. Their personal touch, from the selection of music to the crafted games, ensures that no two nights are the same.

Our shows are peppered with inside jokes and references that resonate with our regulars. This sense of exclusivity fosters a tight-knit community where everyone wants to be in on the joke.

We understand the power of social media in building and nurturing communities. Our engagement rates are unparalleled, thanks to our interactive and creative content. From cryptic emoji questions on Instagram to bonus games that keep our audience hooked, we ensure that the fun extends beyond the trivia night itself.

Sometimes, our content strikes a chord beyond our immediate circles, going viral and bringing in new faces. This broadens our community, strengthening our bond and reach. It's a testament to the universal appeal of our unique approach to trivia.

Our impact is evident in the way people interact with our brand. From proudly wearing our merchandise to calling out to our hosts from moving cars, the community's enthusiasm is a badge of honour for us.



Everything in our show is completely copyright safe, and it honestly makes our shows that much more fun. Our clever copyright workarounds have become some of the most popular games we have, so our trivia isn’t just fun it also protects you from potentially hefty fines.

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Trivia done wrong can be a legal mess, with complex laws surrounding music and film licensing begging to be broken. We’ve built our entire quiz to be ironclad. While other companies simply play clips of movies and tv shows, we recreate them ourselves from scratch.

While other companies breach international music law, we either play the legal limit or come up with fun and creative ways to ask music questions in a completely copyright safe way. We even make sure that all photos and videos are either made in house, correctly licensed or available under creative commons licensing.

It’s the same reason why we’d never dare do a themed trivia night. While we do the occasional special show for Christmas or Halloween, themed trivia based around specific brands and IP is a legal minefield and we’ve seen too many companies and venues get hefty fines from huge corporations. Putting on a themed trivia night at your venue makes you liable to be sued by the rights holder. If you put on a special Star Wars themed show for example, you’d be up against the monolithic money machine that is Disney. It’s just not worth it.

We’ve made sure that everything is completely above board, and in doing so we’ve made our trivia that much more interesting. Our clever copyright workarounds, like Name these Films and The 8 Bit Musical Challenge, have become some of the most popular games we have. We want to stay safe, and we want you to stay safe too. It’s just that simple.



For every big exciting moment in a Quiz Meisters show, there’s a whole heap of little moments that keep it special. We put a lot of thought into literally everything we do to give you and your customers the best night out we can.

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In amongst the big bits of a Quiz Meisters trivia show, there’s a whole bunch of little things we do to keep it special. Every single part of the quiz is full of our personality.

We’ve got quirky answer sheets full of original art that we print on recycled paper that also funds education for women and girls in third world countries. Our segment intros are so chock full of stuff that there’s new surprises that sometimes take months for a player to notice. We sneak little host specific references into some segments, and shout out a different host as the “Sandwich Maker” every week in our game “Guess these Credits”.

Each week we post multiple bonus games on our social media to keep our players engaged for the chance to get some bonus point love. This keeps trivia front of mind all week long.

Even each of our hosts have their own unique ways of making small things special, from weird and wonderful mystery box prizes, to crazy games they’ve created themselves, to their own taste in music influencing the crowd. Our hosts don’t just plop some music on and call it a day, they treat their shows more like radio or live tv. Each song is played with purpose, with clean fades from song to speech and back again.

All this to say, we put a lot of thought into literally everything we do to give you and your customers the best night out we can.



Successful pub trivia is no longer just about trivia, it’s about creating an institution to relate to and a brand to identify with. People feel like we’re one of their mates, so when we host a quiz at your venue they feel like one of your mates too.

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People who like trivia, love us. Even people who don’t like trivia, love us. For many, we are the trivia company for venues that “don’t do trivia”. We come at it from a different angle, and it works. But our effort of engagement goes beyond the weekly pub trivia show.

Successful pub trivia is no longer just about trivia. It’s about creating an institution to relate to and a brand to identify with. A loyal fanbase is a reliable fanbase. On social media, we make sure to post content that not only fits our personality but also plays to the personality of the average punter. Our merch isn't just boring branded tees, it's inside jokes and references that make everyone part of the community. In many ways, we personify the feeling of a best mate, in a brand. When we put on a show at your venue, it’s a great way for your venue to personify that feeling too.

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