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We recently acquired this workspace for Quiz Meisters, which we mainly conduct on the second floor, so we thought we would open up the space downstairs best suited for individuals or small teams that would be interested in sharing the filming/photography studio and the podcast/livestream room.

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Our podcast studio, designed to accommodate up to four guests and a producer, offers an intimate yet dynamic setting for your next recording session. Equipped with a television screen, our studio is perfect for mixed media presentations, displaying your brand, or connecting with remote guests. Elevate your content with our high-quality video recording equipment, ideal for vodcasting, live streaming, or social media clips. The room boasts a modern, vibrant design, but its versatile layout allows for customisation to suit your specific needs. Feel free to make it yours with customisable set dressing.

When it comes to audio, we utilise industry-standard Rode equipment to deliver crisp, professional sound and easy production.The studio is fully soundproofed, ensuring that your creative vision is captured in the purest form possible. No heavy edits necessary to eliminate background noise. At Leonard Street Studios, we provide the tools; you bring the ideas.

Podcasting Options

We know sometimes you want to be left to your own devices, and other times you need a helping hand to polish your masterpiece before sending it into the world. That’s why we offer a range of recording options tailored to meet your needs.

keys to the studio

For the hands-on creators, our DIY option provides you with the freedom to manage your own podcast recording session using our top-notch facilities. Simply rock up with your ideas (or feel free to come up with them on the spot), grab a headset, plug in your computer or USB and hit record.

the lot

If you prefer a guided, hassle-free podcast recording experience. This is the package for you. You’ll get a dedicated producer to handle all the tech and setup, provide direction as needed during your session and take care of all your post-production needs.

All you need to do is come into the studio, do your thing, and we’ll have you a polished podcast ready to cast within 48hrs.

We charge a flat fee (that includes studio hire) for this option.

Just a trim

Already have your podcast audio but need a professional touch? Don’t have the time to remove all the uhms, ahhs, and dead air? Simply shoot through your audio files and we’ll edit the heck out of it to make it as sharp as it can be. No need to wade through audio libraries looking for the right sting or music bed.

We can turnaround a podcast episode with hours so you can get on with more important things. Like recording more podcasts!

For those looking to capture more than just sound, we offer 'Raw Video' recording, giving you unedited footage to use as you see fit. And if you're in need of a complete video package, our 'Video Editing' service will transform your raw clips into a polished final product. Whatever your project demands, Leonard Street Studios has the right tools and expertise to bring your vision to life.

L plates

Embarking on your podcasting journey or looking to elevate your existing skills? Leonard Street Studios offers specialised podcasting training options to help you master the art of audio storytelling and banter. We’ll cover everything from the basics of podcast setup and recording techniques as well as audience engagement opportunities.

These sessions are designed to be hands-on, giving you real-time experience in our professional podcast studio. Whether you're a novice eager to learn the ropes or a seasoned podcaster aiming to refine your craft, our training programs are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you walk away with the skills and confidence to create compelling, high-quality content.

COWorking space

There are 7 large desks and 3 smaller desks available in an open-plan workspace with shared access to:
- Photography/filming studio
- Meeting room
- Podcast/livestream room (to come)
- High speed internet
- Waiting/lounge area
- Kitchenette including microwave, coffee machine and fridge
- Sonos sound system
- Printing
- Male and female toilets
- Change room and shower

You will have a fully functioning creative business running just one floor up for support which houses a mixed team involved in video production, graphic design, music production, marketing and events. We have kept downstairs neutral and want YOU to help influence the look and feel and we develop it further.


Prices starting at $500/month for desk hire.
Photography Studio Hire - $350/day
Podcasting/Livestream Studio - TBA

Discounts available for package deals (multiple desks and desk/studio use) and periods longer than a month.

If you are curious to find out more, get in touch!