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We've adapted and evolved to survive, but we sure are hungry to sink our teeth back into the pub shows we love so much.

When the COVID crisis started we lost 100% of our business in seconds. We were forced to rapidly adapt if we wanted to survive, so that's exactly what we did.

We quickly put into production a heap of new shows you can play from the comfort of your own home. We started a weekly livestream show that was played by thousands of people all around the world, a special show just for kids, a multi-choice quiz hosted by a tipsy mum, a call in splelling bee AND a multi-host interactive live pub quiz show for everyone who's still stuck at home!

We partnered with Coopers, Domino's and Nando's, developed a Zoom Corporate Trivia experience, and on top of all of that we’ve been frantically trying to fix, update and reimagine a whole heap of things before returning to pub shows. We've done everything we can to stay afloat, and as restrictions ease we can't wait to bring our brand of weird and wonderful socially distant trivia back to pubs.

So, whether you like classic question-answer-facty trivia or the more absurd unexpected video trivia, we’ve still got you covered. We’ve been innovating in the weekly trivia space for over 16 years, so trust us when we say it’s still trivia, and it’s still good.

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livestream trivia

your lounge is your new local

For all you trivia junkies desperately missing the pub trivia experience, we now deliver it straight to your homes. We’ve got a whole heap of shows running every week. After the huge success of the Quarantine Quiz we’ve launched The At Home Pub Trivia Show! Every Tuesday night at 8PM AEST, The At Home Pub Trivia Show brings your Quiz Meisters favourites to you with a series of rotating hosts from all across the country! You can play with your isolation buddies or team up with your mates online or in person at your local. Plus we have our other shows like The Splelling Bee, The Hump Night Quiz and The No Plan Quiz for Kidz to satiate your trivia appetite.



challenge friends or take on the world

We have a range of online trivia experiences that you can purchase and play at any time. Take on the world with our international trivia championships, or organise a one-off trivia competition for your friends or work colleagues. We've got everything from general knowledge to niche topics and themes. We'll keep adding more every week so make sure to check them out - there's a quiz for everyone!


exclusive livestream trivia

A livestream trivia show just for you

Want us to host a private virtual trivia experience for your friends, colleagues or entire corporation? We have multiple ways to bring your favourite people together while in isolation, whether it be a party of five or five hundred. If you like, we'll even run a weekly trivia tournament for you. Get in touch and we'll walk you through our options.


If you have forgotten what we did before covid-19, you can still peruse our offerings that are currently on ice...


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