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Our multimedia weekly trivia shows are all about getting bums on seats in your venue. We’ve been running trivia in pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels for longer than Facebook has been around. We love doing what we do, and we wanna do it with you too.

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bring your team together

We want to bring out your employees' social side without ever embarrassing anyone or making people look stupid. We make ourselves look stupid, and let all of you become best friends forever (or you can just have a really fun social club event, but if you want to become life-long friends we can make that happen too)


exclusive livestream trivia

A livestream trivia show just for you

Want us to host a private virtual trivia experience for your friends, colleagues or entire corporation? We have multiple ways to bring your favourite people together while in isolation, whether it be a party of five or five hundred. If you like, we'll even run a weekly trivia tournament for you. Get in touch and we'll walk you through our options.



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host auditions

Host Auditions

Do you feel comfortable in front of a crowd? Do you love having fun? Does entertaining folks and being the centre of attention spark joy? Can you read? If you answered yes to these questions, then we want you to join our quiz family!

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I get it. We’re always saying we’re 'trivia but good' - and that’s a huge claim - but what does that actually mean? Basically, when we say 'trivia but good' we’re trying to say Quiz Meisters isn’t just any old trivia night. When we started way back in 2004, "pub trivia" was a 60 year old man sitting on a bar stool in a tavern stoically reading questions he found in the “The Big Book of Aussie Trivia - 1961-1963”. We’ve all been to those shows. They suck. Most trivia sucks. Ours doesn’t. Each and every Quiz Meisters show is an irreverent jam-packed quiz full of cross-generational questions, our trademark wacky onscreen videos and interactive live games. To put it simply, people who like trivia like our trivia, and people who hate trivia like our trivia. Even people who are indifferent about trivia like our trivia. We’ve been doing this for way too long not to know what we’re doing. It’s fun, it’s unique and it really is the best. It’s trivia, but good.


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