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Large audience enjoying a Quiz Meisters corporate show, enthusiastically hosted by hirsute gentleman.

Why Us?

We’ve been running our own unique brand of one-off trivia shows for well over a decade now, so we know how to tread that fine line between challenging and fun. Our shows are geared towards team-building.

We want to bring out your employees' social side without ever embarrassing anyone or making people look stupid. We make ourselves look stupid, and let all of you become best friends forever (or you can just have a really fun social club event, but if you want to become life-long friends we can make that happen too)


What Do I Get?

First things first, you get, and this is no overstatement, the greatest trivia host that money can buy. We handpick the best of our auditioned hosts and then train them in the delicate art of one-off trivia. That way, no matter the crowd our hosts will be perfect.

They serve up a jam-packed quiz full of cross generational questions, our trademark whacky character-driven onscreen videos and interactive live games. We don’t just take a pub quiz and slap it in an office, these shows are all carefully curated with our very best questions and content for each and every show.

We’ll even bring all of the equipment if you need. We’ve got more screens, projectors, pens and paper than we know what to do with so book a one-off show and we’ll finally have an excuse to take down the office’s elaborate projector sculpture.

After something digital? Bring your friends, family or work colleagues together - no matter where they are in the world!

Gif of Quiz Meisters characters and hosts bouncing out of a present
A Quiz Meisters host leading a Wrangler custom corporate show.


Even though our trivia shows are always super unique, sometimes you might want that extra bit of oomph to really make the night special. If that interests you, we can add some custom bonus content for an additional cost.

We can include a round of questions around your brand, or we can even build the whole quiz around a specific topic. For instance If you’re having an 80’s themed party, we can select our written and video segments to be perfectly on theme.

Want something even more custom? We can help you develop a fully bespoke trivia experience. Whatever your crazy idea, we'll do our best to make it happen. Just tell us your budget, and we can make some magic.

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Doing a fundraiser? We can tailor our show to help you raise funds with less questions and more room for fundraising games. Get in touch for more info!

Photo of a crowd at a fundraiser watching a Quiz Meisters game

Burgo is Back!

Did you know that we’ve got Baby John Burgess on the books? For a premium price, we can have the one and only Gold Logie award winning host of Wheel of Fortune host your trivia night! Just let us know when you contact us, and we can do our best to make it happen.

Did you know?

Team Bonding

is an anagram for

The range of different types of questions and use of video made it a very entertaining experience. You clearly put a lot of effort into preparing the shows and it was definitely a lot of fun, please keep up the good work!

Adrian Vinnell

Australasian Corrosion Association

Everyone involved.  From Bella when booking and answering all my questions to Jesse and Matt on the night! They were all fantastic and once again exceeded our expectations.  Thank you.  This is the 3rd time we've used Quiz Meisters... and definitely won't be the last. Everyone had such an amazing night.  Again, thank you so much!

Kim West

HBF Social Club

Caithlin was such a great host and brought such a great energy to the trivia event! Everyone had so much fun and it was a great way for everyone to get to know each other while having a bit of friendly competition. Bella was such a pleasure to deal with leading up to the day as well. She was quick to respond and provided detailed information of how the event would run which was so helpful. We will definitely be using Quiz Meisters again for our next trivia event! Thank you!!!!

Amie Willment

Shaw Contract

Every person from Quiz Meisters that I have spoken to has been so helpful and lovely. Sean was a fantastic host at the event and our staff loved the format of the trivia. 10/10, five stars and all that. I will definitely be recommending you to every living soul I come across!

Alice Sandercock

Sugar Research Australia Limited

It was a fantastic night, really hard to fault actually!
Cassie was professional, courteous, and handled a bunch of rowdy folk like a boss.

Mark Leenaerts

Cycles Galleria

Kyran was great to work with - we got excellent feedback from everyone about his energy and professionalism. He helped us raise a lot of money and did a very good job understanding the audience and got into the Christmas theme spirit with us.

Ella Withy

Young Variety

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A BIG THANK YOU to Lachie!! He did an amazing job at keeping the crowd engaged and helping us raise extra money. We would highly reccomend Lachie!! Best Trivia host I have ever had!!

Anna Blitsas

Newport Gardens Early Years Centre

The Quiz Meisters quizzes are always entertaining with plenty of variety and something for everyone. Our host was personable, on time and professional and did a great job.

Ryan Smart

Bayside Cricket Club

Chris was a fantastic host - very engaging and enthusiastic and he made the night great fun. Thank you Chris! Bella was great to liaise with throughout the booking process and was very helpful. We had a great night and I think you'll have a few more people turning up to regular Quiz Meisters trivia from now on.

Brodie Preston

Personal Fundraiser

It was a great night and we'll be using Quiz Meisters again at our next function. This trivia night has already become an annual event but we'll also do it for other aged care facilities.

George Spyropoulos

Nyora Pharmacy

So what are you waiting for?

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