Who is Tony Hawk?
Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder, actor, and owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse. He completed the first documented 900 degree spin, is the face of the hugely successful Pro Skater video game series, and is one of the pioneers of modern vertical skateboarding.
Is it free to play?
Yep! Unlike some other companies, our quiz is 100% free to play! No need to dig around for loose gold coins.
How old is Tony Hawk?
He’s 54.
How many rounds are there?
The quiz is made up of two rounds, and is about two hours long.
How long does the quiz go for?
The quiz is about two hours long, and is made up of two rounds.
Can I use my phone?
Obviously, don’t use your phone to cheat. Don’t use anything to cheat. We will get very upset and cry. That being said, if you need to use your phone in the middle of a quiz to check on your kids, text your friends, look up the AFL scores, or message your housemate to water your plants that’s okay!
Can I bring my kids?
Yeah sure! As long as your venue allows kids, we’ve got no problem with them playing our trivia! Your host might drop the occasional swear word, but nothing you wouldn’t hear in a prime time tv show. Your kids are looking at deeply awful stuff on their phones all the time, at least they might learning something at a quiz.
How many people can be on my team?
Honestly, it changes from venue to venue but, we believe in a maximum of ten people per team. That being said, you’ll have a lot more fun if you play as two teams of five. Generally any more than 8 people on a team leads to less fun.
Where can I play?
You can find a full schedule on our website, which is where you are right now! Head to www.quizmeisters.com/find-a-show/map for all the information. You can also click on the logo and head back to our home page, then select your state on the map :) Simple!
I have a complaint/feedback. Who can I tell?
If you have any complaints about the factual accuracy of any our shows, send them through to wefuckedup@quizmeisters.com.au. If you have any feedback about your host/quiz content/venue issues, please visit feedback.quizmeisters.com to submit it.
Can I attend more than one show in the same week?
We run the exact same show at every venue across the country, so no you can't attend more than one show a week. We'd recommend going to one show a week, and then spend the rest of your evenings studying for next week's quiz.
Has Tony Hawk ever been to Japan?
Yes, he attended the 2020 Olympic Games in honour of skateboarding's addition to the games. He called the experience "surreal".


Do you use buzzers or pens and paper?
We’re still using good old fashioned pens and paper, and we plan to keep doing so for the foreseeable future. We’ve found that not only do buzzers break, they ruin the best part of trivia - the team dynamic. Buzzers let the loudmouths dominate the team, whereas pens and paper allow for all that beautiful team discussion and banter that gets people coming back week after week. Buzzers also limit the sort of questions you can ask at a trivia night. We don't ask many multiple choice questions and if we used buzzers, it'd be the only option! For those reasons, we're sticking with pens and paper pal!
Do you feel guilty using all that paper?
Nope! All of our quiz sheets are printed on 100% recycled paper by Words with Heart, a non for profit charity raising funds for education projects for women and girls in the developing world. We feel great about it!
Do you do theme quizzes?
Every so often we do “flavoured” quizzes, which are just what they sound like. A theme is a specific property, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Friends etc. They’re really expensive to get the rights for, and if you don’t get the rights they’re illegal so it’s honestly just not worth it. We’re not aware of any trivia companies who actually have the rights to do themed quizzes. Just remember if you put on a themed trivia at your venue you’re liable to be sued by the rights holder. If you put on a special Star Wars themed show, you’d be up against the monolithic money machine that is Disney. Even if you do manage to get the rights, you have to put heaps of time and effort into marketing every single one because they all appeal to drastically different demos. That’s why flavoured quizzes work so well. Flavoured quizzes are special quizzes we do every so often, just like our normal quizzes, but this time they’re a bit special. They still have all the segments you know and love, but this time the questions are all about a specific topic. We’ve had flavours like “Christmas”, “Halloween”, “April Fools” etc. We do these shows at the relevant times around the year. The same reliable crowd will come week after week and they’re rewarded with some exciting flavours throughout the year. Themed quizzes just don’t keep the punters coming like a general knowledge quiz does. There’s only so many times a Star Wars geek wants to do themed trivia before they lose interest. Because our shows always have a healthy dose of pop culture within them, we find the movie buffs and sci-fi nerds are always left satisfied. They keep coming, which means they keep spending money! What a win!
Can we do a fortnightly or monthly show?
Nope, sorry. Since we started trading in 2004 we’ve tried fortnightly and monthly shows several times but they never work long term. Not having a weekly show means you don’t become a part of your punters weekly routine, so it just ends up being a lot of money spent on constant marketing with no payoff. They’re honestly just not worth it.
What prizes are provided?
None! We like to leave that up to each venue. Each show has an overall first place prize, and four spot prize games. What punters receive for winning those games is totally up to you! It could be beer, it could be food, it could be a random piece of junk, have fun with it! Our reps can help pick the perfect prizes for your venue if you need some help.
Can we choose our host?
Let us know if you’re keen for a particular host and we’ll see if we can make it work!
Do you sell just the quiz?
Unfortunately not! Our hosts are trained to present the quiz, the games, and to set up the audio-visual equipment that’s needed to present the full show. We pride ourselves on performance and delivery, week in and week out.
Can you provide us with marketing material?
We certainly can! Once you're signed up with us you'll be given $200 worth of physical assets (posters, coasters, stickers etc). Along with that, you'll get access to our full suite of print and digital marketing material. We've got dozens of posters, videos, social media graphics and even gifs you can natively use in Facebook and Instagram.
Why do I have to pay more for 7 Day Invoicing?
We find that with invoicing our finance team often end up chasing payments. Direct Debit and Chargebee require less admin work for us, so we save time and you save money! We consider these options to be a loyalty reward of sorts - for the ease of a weekly no-fuss and automatic payment, you get a discount!


How much is a quiz?
We have a pricing tier relating to the number of people you expect at your event. If you contact us and tell us what you’re after, we can prepare you a specific quote. That way, we only quote you for exactly what you need!
What do Quiz Meisters provide?
The quote includes a quiz, a host and all the equipment needed to run the show, including the AV gear (if fewer than 150 people), pens and answer sheets. We also provide run sheet drafts and information to help with organising prizes. The only things you need to sort out are the crowd, venue, tables and chairs and prizes
How long is a quiz?
We allow for 2.5 hours for the event itself. This accommodates the 2 hours of the quiz itself, with extra time to allow for calculating scores and delivering results. This can often depend on the number of players you have, which is a bit more logistical work for the host, but we aim to keep everything as time tight as possible to the 2.5 hours. For Fundraising Events, we allow extra time to capitalise on the fundraising elements of the quiz to maximise the chance of a successful event. Timings can also depend on how malleable/boisterous the crowd is, which can create more work for the host and result in the quiz taking longer. PLEASE NOTE: Our hosts aim to be at the venue 1 hour before to set up any audio visual requirements and meet/chat with the organiser. We can’t be held liable for unexpected roadworks/accidents/acts of God getting in the way!
What topics are covered in your quiz?
Our quizzes are general knowledge and they have something for everyone - we understand that there are people of all ages and interests at these events so we like to ensure nobody leaves feeling like a dunce! Our quiz is written for a broad age group from 18 - 80 years old. Generally if the groups of people on your table are a mix of ages, our regular quiz will engage everyone. We do have a family friendly quiz if kids under 18 are playing. Please let us know if your group is either majority very young (18 - 23) or more mature (50 - 80).
How do we pay/do we have to pay a deposit?
If you’re keen to book a show and are ready to pay a $100 deposit, then this can be paid in your initial booking form. We’ll send you an Invoice for the final, outstanding payments on the Friday following your event. We accept cheque, EFT, or credit card. (NOTE: there is a small surcharge for credit card payments.) If you wish to be invoiced for your initial deposit instead of paying upfront on your booking, let us know of this when you book and we can arrange an invoice for you that way. Any additional charges discussed and outlined on our Terms and Conditions will be indicated on your final invoice.
Can we personalise/theme the quiz?
Sure! The quiz formats are set, but we're happy to include bonus questions relating to your organisation. If that sounds good, we ask you to shoot through 5-10 short-form questions and answers 1 week minimum before the event, so we can prepare them for your host to have on hand on the day. This comes at a flat rate of $55. We can also create quizzes that a set to a theme of your choice! Whether it be Disney, Nineties-Noughties, Olympics; we cater to the lot! In this instance, our creative team will Research and Write the Questions, and develop the Audio Visual content all fit to your theme. This results in additional charges by the half hour ($30 per half hour for Question Writing and Research and $40 per half hour for Audio Visual Production), and we require 2 weeks minimum before the event to create your show. If you’re after a bespoke quiz, give us a call on 1300 GO QUIZ and we’ll send a quote based on what you’re wanting!
Can we just buy a quiz?
Unfortunately not. Our hosts are trained to present the quiz, the games, and to set up the audio-visual equipment that’s needed to present the full show. We pride ourselves on performance and delivery.
What’s covered in your fee?
Your host’s time, experience and panache, the AV equipment required to present the quiz, a run sheet with advice and prizing suggestions, answer sheets and pens and a top-quality quiz!
How do you help fundraise?
Each round contains two games that can be monetised to help with fundraising, and there are a couple of extra fundraising games that we can squeeze into the night. In addition, it can be a real help to have a third party asking your guests to put their hands in their pockets for your cause - and our hosts are great at spruiking silent auctions, silent auctions and raffles, and also calling a handful of live auctions!
Can we use our own AV gear to get a discount?
Sorry we don’t offer discounts. Our hosts always bring along a full set of high quality audio visual equipment, even if the majority of it stays in their car boot. We have seen many issues with using some clients’ AV equipment in the past and the onscreen segments are a big point of difference for Quiz Meisters, so we want to make sure they work! If your AV gear works perfectly, then fantastic! The host will still be required to check things over and make sure it’s compatible with our equipment used to run the Quiz AV. In this case, our host will bring along our AV gear as a back up. If you show has over 250 people, then it is required that the venue your show is taking place in has all of the AV gear we need provided.
If the show is shorter than 2.5 hours, can we have a discount?
Sorry, no! The abbreviated versions of the quiz are the same price, as we pay our hosts to an award rate that means they are paid a minimum of 3 hours.
What if my show is in the middle of nowhere?
If your event is more than 50 minutes’ drive from the CBD, we charge $44 per 30 minutes of travel to and from your event.
Do we need to provide parking?
If a car park is not organised for your host and they pay for parking, you will be invoiced for the parking fee + GST.
How do we go about prizes?
This is entirely up to you! You can never go wrong with gift vouchers, bottles of wine or boxes of chocolate. You can even provide a joke prize for last place, whether it be a dictionary or the critically acclaimed ‘Trivia for Dummies’ book; you decide! You can also discuss prize ideas with the host of your event once our Events Manager has introduced them to you.
Can we run a trivia fundraiser?
Raising money for a charity or your local football club? We can help! We can offer you a 1.5 hour quiz and allow for more time to incorporate fundraising games in between rounds. We can even offer hints to some of the questions for a donation. Whatever ideas you have to fundraiser, we’ll encourage your players to dig deep into their pockets for you!

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