We offer live, online trivia shows to suit your needs and desired play style. So whether you like your trivia served traditionally - like your classic pub trivia in teams - or want to ramp up the competition with head-to-head play and live leaderboards, Quiz Meisters has a show for you.


Our online shows work just like the traditional trivia you know and love - just over Zoom. Written questions, audio clues, video segments - the works!

You gather the teams, and we deliver the questions with our patented Quiz Meisters panache. We can accommodate audiences of up to 300 players (and 50 Teams), and even offer the ability for teams to have separate ‘breakout rooms’ to discuss answers in private. How good is technology?!

All shows come with an online answer sheet which is how you actually play the quiz. Choose a member of your team to be the ‘scribe’ and through the magic of data our system calculates the winning team at the end of the show. Simple as that!

Want to book a show? Lock it in with just a couple of clicks. Pricing starts at $550 for a 1 hour show under 100 players.

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Suited for players to answer individually, our head-to-head trivia turns up the competition factor to 11. Not only do players get points for answering questions correctly, the faster they answer - the more points they get.

Our head-to-head shows are generally a little faster paced, whilst still incorporating our classic blend of written and audio/visual segments. Plus, they provide some great opportunities for bragging rights as they include a live leaderboard throughout the show.

No need to download an answer sheet - we’ll provide a ‘Magic Link’ over Zoom.

Want to organise a head-to-head trivia show? Get started in a couple of clicks. Pricing starts at $440 for a 45 minute show under 100 players.

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Looking for a christmas event?

We’ve got more than just trivia on offer for corporate bookings. Our alternative formats are perfect for bringing out the competitive side of your coworkers, and filled with our classic Quiz Meisters flavour.



That was so much fun, went off without a hitch and our teams loved it! A huge thank you for a successful event and guiding us through the process to get there. Looks like we will be doing this again very soon.


We had such a great time and our host was fantastic. It made it so fun for everyone. It was great to see everyone have fun and interact with their peers, especially that we are unable to see one another at the present time.


We were really impressed with how the event was run. Our host was amazing, and everyone really enjoyed the trivia night. It was well organised, and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. This was a great experience, as we had previously had in-person trivia events with Quiz Meisters.


Amazing and interactive quiz! The host was so energetic and entertaining and the format was great with different styles of questions throughout.


Amazing experience and highly recommend doing this with your team online.

Remote Social

Nothing to improve, we all had a blast! I loved laughing together with my husband. It was so much fun! Thank you!

Mighty Kingdom

WHO WE've worked with

We've done shows for over 5000 companies!
Here's a tiny sampling of some recent favourites.

Collage of logos of famous companies that have booked Quiz Meisters corporate events
Collage of logos of famous companies that have booked Quiz Meisters corporate events
Collage of logos of famous companies that have booked Quiz Meisters corporate events
Collage of logos of famous companies that have booked Quiz Meisters corporate events

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Frequently asked questions

How long do your online Zoom shows run for?
Our shows run for roughly 1 hour. The quiz itself contains 1 round of 15 questions, 5 express round questions, and some of our usual bonus games (of course we can give you Duck Derby!); the exact same standard Quiz Meisters show everyone knows and loves. We also allow extra leeway for everyone in your team to sign into the Zoom meeting, put everyone into their team breakout rooms, get their virtual answer sheets ready, submit answer sheets once the quiz is finished, and time for us to calculate the final scores; because we know how technology can be sometimes. We also have an individually played 30 minute show, for smaller groups.
How do we play your online shows?
When you book a virtual show with us; we’ll provide you a link to a Zoom Meeting Link where you can view the livestream and all of the questions we’ll ask you, and a Virtual Answer Sheet where you can type in the answers to the questions. All you need to bring is yourselves and your laptop or PC!
Can we play online quizzes in teams? Do you make our teams or can we do that?
Yes, yes, and yes! In team play we can offer you Randomised Teams or Organised Teams. In Randomised Teams, we’ll open up breakout rooms for you all and sort you into teams at random. In Organised Teams, we’ll open up breakout rooms for you, and your team can allocate themselves accordingly. In this instance, we would require you to send us the team names, so we can name each breakout room to match the team names you provide us, and everyone can find their allocated teams from there.
How many people can play online?
Zoom’s capabilities can allow up to 300 people in a single meeting, so we base our participant and team numbers around that. How you want to decide team numbers from your participant numbers is entirely up to you. If you have over 300 people wanting to play, let us know and we can move to an alternative style show that can accommodate for your numbers.
Can we use software like Teams? Or does it have to be Zoom?
We use solely Zoom for our virtual shows, as we’ve found that it works best with us to ensure our shows are of the best quality.

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