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A Bingo Boombox show is a two hour musical journey that's more than just boring old Bingo. Each show is a blend of musical bingo mayhem, quirky challenges, and chart-topping hits.

We've got three dynamic and unique rounds that keep players engaged, and coming back for more.

Sure, we've got your classic music bingo rounds, but we've also got oddball prize games like "Instrumental As Anything", "Play It or Say It" and plenty more. The key to a good game show is keeping things fresh.

Mockup image of bingo cards displayed on three phones

Bingo of the future - tODAY

No pens, no paper, no problem! All players need is a phone and a finger.
That makes this bingo cheaper and more efficient, to distribute weekly than our competitors. So those savings are passed on to you too.


Bingo Boombox is brought to you by Quiz Meisters, Australia's largest and most trusted trivia company. That means your guests are in experienced hands and guaranteed a one of a kind bingo night.

Unlike pre-built, one-style-fits-all musical bingo, these shows can be tailored to fit your venue. Bingo Boombox can be big, brash and bold, or a little more chill and laidback. We pair our professionally trained host with your venue to create the perfect live entertainment experience for your patrons.

For us, this show isn't set and forget. We're constantly developing new and innovative ways to keep the show exciting and get you more bang for your buck!

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Our hosts take care of everything from setup to pack down. It’s pretty much a plug and play operation. The host brings a laptop to control the tech, so all you need is a microphone and a speaker system. If you don't have one, we can supply one for a small additional cost.

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