Photo of a Quiz Meisters staff member

Nic Leggat

Creative Videographer

Put a camera in this guys hands, and he’ll make you some magic. Nic received a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Griffith University, majoring in Video Production and Contemporary Art. Since graduating in 2008, Nic’s worked on projects from sketch comedy to national television commercials to international music videos.

Nic joined the Quiz Meisters team in 2019, and after pitching the Sound Collector we knew we’d made the right choice. Since then, literally every video you’ve seen from Quiz Meisters has been created by him. Nic’s mastery of motion graphics and filmmaking has elevated Quiz Meisters to a whole new level. We’re wrapped to have him!

When he’s not working you can find him rocking on the basketball court, playing first-person shooters, and slapping da bass.