Photo of a Quiz Meisters staff member

Darcy Schaaf

SA Operations Manager

This guy is a chronic overthinker, and we love him for it.Darcy joined us in 2022 as a host, quickly realising his passion for the entertainment industry.Beyond quizzes, Darcy's passion lies in film and the arts, pursuing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen). He excels in screenwriting, directing, and editing, showcasing his creativity however he may wish.Darcy also collaborates with multiple local councils in various capacities, contributing to community initiatives and public speaking engagements.Darcy takes pride in his unorthodox ability in Mario Kart. Having once played competitively for 4 years. He is the guy who slows down for the blue shell.If you're not seeing Darcy at a quiz, you'll probably see him botching another recipe, double booking himself or slapping da bass.