Photo of a Quiz Meisters staff member

Charlee Hart

WA Operations Manager

Charlee puts the "Can" in American, the "Aw" in Australian, and the "Zen" in dual citizenship. Best of all, she puts in lots of other letters too!

Charlee joined Quiz Meisters in 2023 as a host and hasn’t shut up about it since. She loves hosting quizzes, participating in quizzes, thinking about quizzes, and long walks on the beach.She was an Early Childhood teacher for 4 years and has since applied her knowledge of working with kids to working with drunk adults. She also firmly believes there is no problem that can't be solved with a little photosynthesising.

As per ADHD tradition, she has many half-started hobbies (the current one is bookbinding), and knows what rhymes with orange (but will tell you only if you answer her riddles three). When she’s not out getting Quiz Meisters into every pub in WA, she loves going to the movies, things that photosynthesise, hot and iced chocolates, and slapping da bass.