You are entering a partnership with Quiz Meisters to put on a weekly trivia event at your venue. We say ‘partnership’ because there are aspects of the agreement for both parties to contribute in order to maximise the chances of growing it into a successful weekly event (that is, to a size where it is financially beneficial for all involved).

Each week, Quiz Meisters will arrange for a trained Quiz Meisters host to come to the venue and present a new quiz. The host will arrive at the venue with ample time prior to the start of the quiz to set up the audio visual (A/V) equipment and to do a sound check. A Quiz Meisters quiz runs for approximately 2 hours. Quiz Meisters will provide the quiz questions, answer sheets, quiz paraphernalia and will advise the venue on how to provide the best possible A/V set up and supply any extra A/V equipment required at a fee.

The main terms we need you to agree on, which are all in the interest of getting the best results, are:

  • Minimum 3 weeks of active promotion before the first show.
  • Minimum 6 weeks/six show commitment.
  • For you to create a recurring Facebook event, then invite Quiz Meisters to co-host.
  • There is never a fee for punters to play trivia.
  • 8 days notice is required to terminate your show agreement.
  • 24 hours notice is required to skip a quiz (for venue event, sporting event, etc.)
  • $110 is charged if the show is cancelled within 24 hours (but greater than 3 hours) of the advertised start time.
  • $195 is charged if show is cancelled within 3 hours of the advertised start time. This includes for a ‘no show’ (host turns up but there is no crowd)
  • A direct debit mandate must be active to receive the direct debit discount.
  • Trivia services will be paused if payments are not up to date.
  • Debts exceeding 90 days will be handed over to our debt collection agency.

If you want to learn more about these terms read on, my friend!

The quiz is produced weekly and is tested thoroughly before being released to venues. There is a lot of production and thought that goes into the quiz and the format that we produce is what we believe to be the most effective for ongoing weekly trivia events. It consists of 2 rounds made up of 50ish questions featuring 4 spot games and 10 video questions each week. It is designed to run for 2 hours.

Variations on length, structure or theme can be produced upon request, however will incur a production and admin fee charged at the hourly rate of the work required and is quoted on a case-by-case scenario due to the infinite ways to customise a quiz.

All Quiz Meisters hosts go through an audition, screening and training process to ensure that they are more than capable of effectively hosting a Quiz Meisters trivia event. In some circumstances you, the venue, may provide the host on the condition that they are trained and approved by Quiz Meisters. 

We endeavour to assign a consistent, long-term host at your venue, however, can not take responsibility for sickness, holidays or incidents out of our control that may make them unavailable. We are, however, committed to cover and assign a fill-in host when required and will find a suitable replacement if needed. If there are no hosts available in your area, we will run an audition campaign in your region to find and train a suitable host. This may delay the start date of your first trivia show.

As a contractor assigned to you, you are to treat our hosts with the same respect as your own employees. Whilst hosting, they fall under the duty of care of your establishment’s WHS. You are required to provide a safe working environment free from harassment, and we trust that they can turn to you and your employees if they feel unsafe or threatened in their work environment.

We don’t promise to drag in a rental crowd, nor can we promise to overly promote your venue through our own social media (with so many venues, doing that would bombard our feed and make pages unengaging and ineffective). Instead, we have made it really easy for you to start a conversation about trivia with your audience and keep them enticed and engaged until they are attending trivia at your venue on a regular basis.

The strategies we have put together here are developed from what we have found to be most effective over the years. We’ll do our part, but we also need you to be actively promoting to ensure the best chance of ‘trivia success’ at your venue. Furthermore, the sooner you start, the better. Leaving it too late really can make all of the other efforts made in kickstarting a show pointless. Let’s work together and make a positive start to this mutually beneficial relationship!


  • Give you a starter pack including: A2 posters, Coasters, Entry/window sticker.
  • Co-host your Facebook event for your trivia show.
  • Give access to our Promo Resources and our digital Promo Launch package.
  • Give you new original promo resources every month.
  • Continue to grow our following and add value to the Quiz Meisters brand through fun and engaging online content and premium trivia nights.
  • Share all content you tag us in to our Instagram.


  • Start actively promoting your trivia night as soon as possible. 
  • Run a minimum 3 weeks of active promotion before your first show (we recommend 4 to 5 weeks to maximise the success of your launch).
  • Set up a recurring event on Facebook for your show and assign Quiz Meisters as a co-host (then is more effective on targeting locals than if we do it).
  • Use the Quiz Meisters brand!! Use our assets at https://promo.quizmeisters.com and mention Quiz Meisters in your messaging. Our brand holds a lot of currency in the trivia world and will attract more people to your trivia night.
  • Follow the recommended promotion schedule we provide at https://promo.quizmeisters.com/welcome.
  • You will receive a new suite of promo every month via email. Be sure to use that rather than post the same thing over and over (Instagram and Facebook suppress that behaviour).
  • Tag us in any posts you do about trivia, @quizmeisters and we’ll share that post to our social media (it doesn’t work if it is only a mention in a comment).
  • Make sure all of your staff know about the show and can spruik it to customers.
  • Encourage a staff table at the first show.
  • Get some photos or footage of your first few shows to help further promotions.

There is a lot of administration and logistics involved in setting up a new show, so we need you to make a 6-week/show minimum commitment to ensure the work we do up front is worth our while.

This financial commitment also hopefully encourages you to make an effort to make your show work. Seeing that it takes both parties to make this a successful venture, we need to see that you are committed to seeing it through the first 6 weeks. Crowd numbers can fluctuate a lot in the opening weeks and it can take a while until your audience finds consistency (statistically we expect a third week drop in numbers before seeing it climb again). This commitment allows us to see that you acknowledge this and that you will make an effort to get a consistent crowd size that is sustainable and financially beneficial.

If you decide to stop running trivia before this 6-week commitment is complete, you will be charged a ‘no-host quiz fee’ of $175 for each remaining show of the commitment.


Quiz Meisters will endeavour not to host any other quizzes that may compete directly with yours and will consider the distance, demographics, population density, day and time of quiz and when partnering with other venues. We cannot, however, guarantee this. Experience has taught us that it works better for venues for Quiz Meisters to be running shows in their nearby venues on other nights than for a competing trivia company to do so.

Our Responsibilities
We will do our utmost to endeavour to:

  • Provide our quizzes with all the skill, care and diligence to be expected from a qualified, competent and experienced quiz provider.
  • Ensure that the quizzes are carried out by our employees or agents who are properly trained, experienced and accredited to run the quiz.
  • Act in your best interests in connection with these terms and conditions. 
  • Provide the quizzes in a timely and efficient manner, and meet all reasonable deadlines set by you, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for your conduct and ensuring that you comply with these terms and conditions. In particular, you must:

  • Co-operate with us as we reasonably require.
  • Not book any other company to provide quizzes at your venue throughout your engagement with us.
  • Provide the information and documentation that we reasonably require.
  • On request, make available to us such facilities as we reasonably require.
  • Ensure that our staff, employees and contractors are provided with a safe working environment.
  • Ensure that your staff and agents co-operate with and assist us.
  • Ensure that the use by us or any person authorised by us of any material will not infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any person or give rise to any obligation on our behalf (or any person authorised by us) to pay compensation or royalty to any person.
  • Ensure that the information and material provided by you to us is accurate and true.


It is a requirement that you organise venue/bar vouchers for 1st and 2nd prizes. We recommend a $30-50 voucher for 1st prize and a $20-30 voucher for 2nd prize. If you want to give away more than that, we recommend giving away more prizes rather than increasing the prize values too dramatically. It is better for more players to leave with something then it is for one team to leave with everything. Please discuss other prize ideas that may generate interest with your Quiz Meisters Sales Rep.

There are also four games included in the quiz that you are required to supply smaller ‘spot’ prizes. Please discuss ideas for prizes with your Quiz Meisters Sales Rep.

Our current prices can be found at https://www.quizmeisters.com/pricing. These are the prices for our weekly shows. If you are wanting a one-off event on another night, either for a client or for your own purposes (such as a themed trivia night), we price under our one-off event pricing structure and offer you a $100 discount. Options for one-off events can be found at https://www.quizmeisters.com/in-person-events.

To receive a reduced price for the weekly quiz, venues are required to pay via direct debit. If your venue is not willing or able to pay via direct debit, you will receive post-paid invoices on 7-day terms at our regular rate.

Weekly Discounted Direct Debit
To set up a Direct Debit, you have to fill out a GoCardless Form which can be found at the end of our New Venue form or can be emailed by contacting your state rep. Please note that these funds are deducted 7 days after the corresponding invoice.

If you would prefer to be debited from a Credit Card, please contact your Quiz Meisters Sales Rep and they will send you the appropriate form.

Eligibility for Discounts
To receive the discounts currently on offer, venues are required to pay via direct debit and have a HDMI video setup. The discounts are only available to venues that have no outstanding invoices.

Pub trivia is traditionally a free event at venues in Australia. Venues have tried to charge patrons to play trivia and, in our experience, this has never worked as there is always a free trivia night nearby!

Quiz Meisters must be free for your clientele to play at your venue. The purpose of a trivia night is to bring punters in for an event at your venue, which will drive food and beverage sales. (Please note: fundraising events are a different kettle of fish. Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting a fundraising trivia event at your venue.)

If you require a show on a public holiday, there will be a $40 surcharge. We pay our hosts under the Amusement Award, so their pay is increased on public holidays. We’re splitting that cost with you.


Due to both the difficulty of finding a host who will commit to a show on these nights as well as the obligations to our employees under the Amusement Award, there will be an $80 surcharge for weekly shows on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Their pay will be increased to incentivise hosting on those nights and meet award obligations.

If the weekly quiz can’t go ahead at your venue for some reason (for example: venue closure or another event is booked), please provide us with as much notice as possible.

There is no cancellation fee if you advise us more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled quiz night. If you cancel within 24 hours (but greater than 3 hours) of the scheduled quiz night, we will charge you a $110 cancellation fee.  If you cancel within 3 hours of the scheduled quiz night or cancel due to low attendance, we will charge you a $195 cancellation fee, if we normally supply you the host. 

If a quiz night is booked on a public holiday, shows cancelled within 3 hours of the scheduled quiz night will be charged $235 for that particular quiz night (to cover the host’s public holiday wages).

Quiz Meisters requires eight days’ notice, in writing, of cessation of the weekly quiz at your venue. If you decide to stop running trivia before the 8-days grace is complete, you will be charged a ‘no-host quiz fee’ of $150 for the remaining show of the commitment. This enables Quiz Meisters hosts to inform the punters at the second-to-last show that the quiz will be discontinued. Often the regular punters make a special trip to your venue for the last quiz (which means more takings for your business).

For any venue that falls into arrears with their payments, we reserve the right to pursue those outstanding debts utilising appropriate agencies. All costs associated with this will be passed on to the organisation responsible for the outstanding invoices.

We have protocols in place in order to adhere to COVID-19 policies around Australia. In the case of COVID restrictions:

  • We encourage players to bring their own pens.
  • We replace quiz segments that do not comply with COVID legislation with others that do meet those requirements.

Our Responsibilities
To ensure our staff are up to date with the latest Covid-19 guidelines which include to:

  • Follow social distancing guidelines to protect themselves and others.
  • Follow appropriate hygiene guidelines on handwashing, hand sanitising, disinfection of equipment.
  • Not come to work if experiencing cold/flu symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, or shortness of breath. All staff with those symptoms have been advised to seek appropriate medical care.

Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for your conduct and ensuring that you comply with these terms and conditions:

  • Ensure that our hosts are provided with a healthy, safe environment.
  • Ensure compliance of all COVID-19 safe work rules (social distancing, hygiene, cleaning etc) for your state.
  • If you have any concerns regarding the host, please contact your state rep.
  • Notify Quiz Meisters of any suspected or confirmed cases, should they arise.


We will provide the quiz with reasonable care and skill. However, we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage in the following cases:

  • If we are unable to provide our quiz to you due to any reasons beyond our control.
  • For any loss you suffer when taking part in our quiz, to the extent permitted by law.
  • For loss or damage (including personal injury whether or not resulting in death) suffered by punters, your staff, the Quiz Meisters host or any other persons present at the quiz arising from any acts or omissions in the course of the performance of the quiz.


The weekly Quiz Meisters quiz (including all formats) remains our property. You must not share our property with any third party, or present, use or otherwise pass off our property as yours without express written consent from us to do so. We ask that you do not use our A/V equipment without our knowledge or permission. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need, or would like to, use our A/V equipment.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia.

As a company we would like the opportunity to address any concerns you may have regarding our services. In signing these terms and conditions, you agree to take reasonable steps to resolve any dispute that may arise by emailing us at info@quizmeisters.com.au and informally outlining the issues you have. We will also take reasonable steps to resolve this dispute informally.

Furthermore, you agree to resolve any claims relating to our provision of services, and these terms and conditions, through the use of mediation or arbitration. This agreement ensures that we both utilise alternative dispute resolution mechanisms before resorting to formal litigation.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. If a change meaningfully alters these terms and conditions, we will notify you.