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We get it. Trivia just once a week isn't enough. That's why we have created a whole heap of trivia games that you can play anytime against the rest of the world or schedule a challenge with your friends, family or colleagues.

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These shows are a little bit different. Our "VS YOUR FRIENDS" are for groups. When you buy access to these trivia games you let us know how many people are playing and what they're playing for and we do the rest. That way you can run your own trivia competitions amongst friends, colleagues or family! As players complete the quiz the purchaser will receive their score and the correct answers directly to their email. Simple!

The Sex Quiz (multi-player)
$ 25.00 AUD

Our "VS THE WORLD" shows are monthly shows in which you compete against the world. Every two weeks we'll unlock a new show that is available to purchase. You buy it, you play it, you submit your answers and then when the two weeks are up we'll let you know how you did compared to everyone else who played!

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The Naughties Quiz


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