Photo of a Quiz Meisters staff member

Geordie McGrath

Legacy Creative Director

He can’t turn his brain off, but we’re not complaining.

Geordie is a multi award winning creative. He won Best New Talent and Best Cabaret Production at the 2017 Short and Sweet Festival, and Best Cabaret Production at the 2019 Short and Sweet Festival. He’s performed everywhere from the Brisbane Powerhouse to Carnegie Hall.

Geordie started out with Quiz Meisters in 2016 as a host, and joined the Quiz Meisters HQ team in 2018. First writing for Sheepoll, then running Social Media, and now as Creative Manager. He wears a lot of hats, but basically - if something’s coming out of the company, he had a hand in it. His creativity and specific voice has helped develop Quiz Meisters, both as a product and as a brand. He also runs the social media, so if you’ve ever chatted to us on Instagram - it’s him.

When he’s not working you can find him making the perfect carbonara, watching Youtube video essays, and slapping da bass.