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Your Business is Our Quizness

Our multimedia weekly trivia shows are all about getting bums on seats in your venue (especially on those nights of the week that might otherwise be a tad on the slow side), and we know just how to do it. After all, we've been successfully running weekly trivia all over Australia for almost 2 decades now.

Back Alley Sally’s (VIC), Brunswick Hotel (TAS) Oxford Tavern (NSW), Little Bang Brewery (SA), Newstead Brewing Co. Milton (QLD) and Nowhereman Brewing Co (WA) represent just a fraction of the vast spectrum of venues currently running Quiz Meisters trivia nationwide. No matter where you are, we can make it happen!

The best way to understand Quiz Meisters in 60 seconds is to watch this video!

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Why Are We So Popular?

We don't just throw together a lazy page of questions, cash your cheque, and then hang out on our private beach with our close personal friend and famous model Gigi Hadid while we eat caviar stuffed lobster and laugh about how we won’t be effected by climate change because of our secret weather machine we keep in Richard Branson’s private hangar.

No. Not even close. We honestly have way too much to do. Instead we’re doing stuff like helping you build a dedicated following of punters that will return to your venue week after week to play our irreverent onscreen games, and check in with the ridiculous cast of characters that has come to define us as the funniest, most creative, and most trusted trivia outfit around.

What Makes Us Different?

Pornstar or My Little Pony, Face Off with Nicholas Cage, Microsoft Paint Masterpieces, Can They Eat It?, these are just a few of the famous (or possibly infamous) segments guaranteed to get the crowds laughing, drinking, and coming back for more.

We even have a social media question built into each and every weekly quiz (for our over 30k combined Facebook and Instagram followers to bag some bonus points).

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We Actually Give A Shit

No other trivia company offers content that so perfectly captures the essence of today's culture (although occasionally our "competitors" do try to poach an idea or two). Nor will you find a team of people anywhere in Australia who'll work as hard as we do to ensure that weekly content not only remains energised and surprising all year round, but that it's delivered expertly to punters by the very best trivia hosts out there.

Combine all this with the creative point-of-sale we offer to help you draw a crowd right from your very first show, and you've got a no-holds-barred, cracking night out that'll have them flocking. Because when it comes to weekly trivia, it's this simple: we're far and away the best there is.


We've put together a list of the Top 10 Reasons to bring Quiz Meisters trivia into your venue. Have a read and even play a couple of our favourite video segments! Check it out at the link below.

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