Kira Kovalevsky

Kira Kovalevsky

Administration Manager, Money Launderer

At the time of writing this description, I am a thirty something Caucasian female human of average height, weight, intelligence and personality. I am wearing age appropriate clothing and weaponry and have excellent hygiene, grooming and swordsmanship. I have no visible tattoos or scars and am wearing minimal cruelty-free makeup and a decorative eye-patch. My speech is clear and unremAAAARRRRRkable. My mood and affect are normal and congruent for a pirate. I display no unusual movements and maintain appropriate one-eye contact. I have no significant medical or criminal history because the scurvy dogs can’t catch me. I am the product of an uncomplicated full term birth, my mother did not smoke or drink during her pregnancy unless it was the finest pipe tobacco or the most exquisite rum. I have shown no talent for music or land lubbery. I have a personal history of corporate jobs with occasional outbursts of creativity.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

My words

What’s your favourite fact?

The CIA has a Starbucks in its headquarters but the baristas don’t write names on the cups.

What three celebrities, living or dead, would you want on your trivia team, Kira Kovalevsky?

Oscar Wilde, Taika Waititi, Kate McKinnon

If you’re were going to sail around the world, what would you name your boat?


What’s your favourite trivia team name of all time, Kira Kovalevsky?

Quiztopher Walken

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