Ty Corless

Ty Corless

Browns Corner Hotel

Ty looks at the world with the awe and wonderment of a 4-year-old boy and the stark cynicism of a 45-year-old Karen. Some say he was born on stage with a microphone in his hand but his mother insists it was at The Northern Hospital. Comedian, actor, writer, friend, he's "The Host with the... Some".

Why do you host trivia?

I enjoy being the arbiter of knowledge and truth.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I went on a pretty bug-y diet when I lived in Thailand - scorpions, crickets, etc.

What’s your favourite trivia memory?

On my birthday my mum came and joined a team with all of my friends. She got in to a vicious argument with one of my friends about who did some art or something. She was right in the end

What three celebrities, living or dead, would you want on your trivia team?

Ozzy Osbourne, David Boon and Vincent van Gogh. I don't know if any of them are particularly good at trivia but boy, can they drink.

If you were running for prime minister, what would your campaign slogan be?

"You spell Sex Party without Ty" (I'm bringing back the Sex Party).

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