Taylor Cue

Taylor Cue

Aspley Hornets FC

This almost feels like I'm writing my tinder profile. So me....I unfortunately missed the age where you're meant to grow up! So I'm pretty much like Tom Hanks in the movie 'Big'. According to a lot of people I know I don't really have an inside voice which I guess is kind of great for a Trivia host.

Why do you host trivia?

Because I'm a terrible trivia player

What’s your favourite trivia memory?

Everyone singing happy birthday to themselves when we celebrated our one year anniversary at the venue

What’s your favourite fact?

The kilometre pen is named because it is believed it has enough ink to write for a kilometre

What three celebrities, living or dead, would you want on your trivia team?

Frank Sinatra, Robin Williams and Barrack Obama

What’s your favourite trivia team name of all time?

Quiztina Aguilera

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