Julian Beraldo

Julian Beraldo

Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo

"Outrageously handsome, funny and charming…the perfect package really" - Mum "How can he eat that many donuts and still be alive?" - Krispy Kreme employee "The person I aspire to be like" - My older brother “Trivia host with the most” – That one team I totally didn’t bribe to say nice stuff about me

What’s your favourite trivia memory?

Every week I jokingly offer to give a bonus point for whoever can do a backflip - I've only ever given it out once, and I'm keen to do it again!

What’s your favourite fact?

Did you know if you say gullible really slowly, it sounds like oranges?

If you could only eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Donuts, hands down. Cinnamon, glazed, jam, I hold no bias on the variety.

If you were performing in a singing competition, what song would you pick and why?

Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, because you might as well go hard or go home

If you’re were going to sail around the world, what would you name your boat?

Yeah Buoy

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