Jonno O'Rourke

Jonno O'Rourke

Newstead Brewing Co

I'm a loud shirt wearing larrakin with a little too much useless knowledge in music, movies, TV, video games; and trivia is a beautiful outlet to unload all of that knowledge whether people like it or not. ;)

Why do you host trivia?

Being able to combine my love of trivia, outlandish shenanigans, banter, performing with a microphone in hand, and hanging out at a pub is a dream come true.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I played jelly bean roulette in New Zealand, and the brown coloured jelly bean I received could've been either Choc Fudge or Dog Food flavoured. Needless to say, it wasn't Choc Fudge...

What’s your favourite trivia memory?

Winning the Jillpot on two separate occasions by randomly guessing that Emma Stone was born in 1988 and that Uraguay has 4 blue lines on its flag. No other achievements in my life will ever compare now.

What’s your favourite fact?

That Emma Stone was born in 1988 and that Uraguay has 4 blue lines on its flag, haha

What’s your favourite sandwich and why?

Footlong Meatball on Italian Herbs & Cheese, with double Old Enlgish Cheese (on the same side as the Meatballs, pls), TOASTED, spinach, carrot, onions, olives, Marinara sauce, and that new zesty spice you throw on at the end. Because it's heaven in a sandwich; you're welcome.

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