Mordy Supper Club and The Burvale Hotel

I like cars, garlic, inappropriate humour, about 4 people and my dog.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Ate a banana peel in year 10 for 20 bucks, do not recommend

What’s your favourite trivia memory?

Getting a 5 star review on the QM Facebook page

What’s your favourite fact?

There's an island, in a lake, on an island, in a lake, on an island. It's islandception, and I'm convinced it's houses Leonardo DiCaprio's party dungeon

If you were performing in a singing competition, what song would you pick and why?

Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul. One of my go to kareoke songs

If you’re were going to sail around the world, what would you name your boat?

Unsinkable 2

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