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Large audience enjoying a Quiz Meisters corporate show, enthusiastically hosted by hirsute gentleman.

Why Us?

There’s nothing we love more than helping out. We know how hard it is planning, organizing and running events - it’s literally all we do - and when it comes to one-offs like a fundraiser it’s more important than ever to make sure everything runs smoothly. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of charities, foundations, and good causes throw unforgettable events because not only is our trivia great, we genuinely care about making your night as successful as possible. So whether you’re raising money for medical research, your local footy club’s new uniforms or Mr’s Botello’s Grade 9 class trip to Jamaica, we wanna help.

What Do I Get?

We do fundraisers a little differently. We don’t just supply you with a quiz and then let you figure out the rest. We’re there to support you every step of the way, and the first step is finding a great host.

Our fundraising hosts aren’t just any of our amazing pub trivia hosts. They’re the most experienced, the most hilarious and the most professional emcees in the business. They’re handpicked from our lineup just for you. Basically, they’re the best of the best of the best.

We'll also take you through our patented Ten Tips for Successful Fundraising, and be on hand to offer the sort of advice and guidance that comes from over a decade of experience and success.

Add on to that our beloved hand-crafted, all-ages quiz chock full of brain-busting questions and our famously irreverent multimedia games and you’re in for a fundraising event like no other (in a good way).

Gif of Quiz Meisters characters and hosts bouncing out of a present

Kyran was great to work with - we got excellent feedback from everyone about his energy and professionalism. He helped us raise a lot of money and did a very good job understanding the audience and got into the Christmas theme spirit with us.

Ella Withy

Young Variety

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A BIG THANK YOU to Lachie!! He did an amazing job at keeping the crowd engaged and helping us raise extra money. We would highly reccomend Lachie!! Best Trivia host I have ever had!!

Anna Blitsas

Newport Gardens Early Years Centre

The Quiz Meisters quizzes are always entertaining with plenty of variety and something for everyone. Our host was personable, on time and professional and did a great job.

Ryan Smart

Bayside Cricket Club

Chris was a fantastic host - very engaging and enthusiastic and he made the night great fun. Thank you Chris! Bella was great to liaise with throughout the booking process and was very helpful. We had a great night and I think you'll have a few more people turning up to regular Quiz Meisters trivia from now on.

Brodie Preston

Personal Fundraiser

It was a great night and we'll be using Quiz Meisters again at our next function. This trivia night has already become an annual event but we'll also do it for other aged care facilities.

George Spyropoulos

Nyora Pharmacy

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on the best fundraising event you’ve ever thrown.

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