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what is exclusive livestream TRIVIA?

Exclusive livestream trivia shows are private online trivia experiences that have a Quiz Meisters trivia host walking your selected crowd through online trivia competition. It's our COVID-19 replacement for our team-building and fundraising live shows. Bring your friends, family or work colleagues together - no matter where they are in the world!

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what do I get?

You'll get a tailored trivia livestream experience hosted by one of our best trivia hosts. We have different options depending on your crowd size, budget or desired outcomes, but they all include fun, interactive trivia engagement - all while in isolation!

Get in touch and we'll work out what livestream experience is best for you.

We Actually Give A Shit

No other trivia company offers content that so perfectly captures the essence of today's culture (although occasionally our "competitors" do try to poach an idea or two). Nor will you find a team of people anywhere in Australia who'll work as hard as we do to ensure that weekly content not only remains energised and surprising all year round, but that it's delivered expertly to punters by the very best trivia hosts out there.

We've worked hard to get our livestream shows to be as close to the in person live shows as possible. We've built a no-holds-barred, cracking night in that'll have your friends, colleagues and family crying out for more. Basically when it comes to livestream trivia, it's this simple: we're far and away the best there is.

Give Us A Go, You Know You Want To

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It's trivia, but it's actually good.

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