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About Quiz Meisters

Quiz Meisters is a trivia company. We’ve been around for ages but we’re not coasting. We swear. In fact, with all these changes happening in the world, we find ourselves busier and more creative than ever. All we wanna do is make new cool stuff. Ultimately, you probably already know this or you wouldn’t be here. If you do, lovely seeing you again, if you don’t nice to meet you. Either way, you probably know us as that pub trivia show with 'Porn Star or My Little Pony' that used to run in all the cool bars around Australia before the virus struck!

We started this company in 2004 because pub trivia was boring. We’ve done everything we can over the last sixteen years to change that. Plenty of other companies have ripped us off, so we must be doing something right. We try out best to make our trivia fun, funny, innovative and interesting. Those four words drive every decision we make. They have since we started this. That’s what has made us grow into Australia’s greatest trivia company. We literally changed the game. We’re rarely sincere because of our branding and everything, but we really are proud of what we’ve built here. We hope you like it too and we hope you support our online adaptations in the future ahead.

Meet The People Behind the Quiz



Steffan van Lint


sales rep

VIC Operations Manager

Michael H. Osborne

SA Operations Manager

Toby “Skip” Strudwicke


Geordie McGrath
Nic Leggat
Marta Kawecka

Random Host Highlight

Before the ol' pandemic, we simply had too many hosts to put them all on the Meet the Team page, so we made a special page so each and every host can have some time in the spotlight. With the forced closure of our live shows, most of our hosts lost their jobs. Rather than erase them from our staff page, we are keeping them connected in the hope that one day they will all be back again, mic in hand. Every time you refresh this page another random host will be highlighted. Looking for someone specific? Click the button below to see the lot of them.

Jessica Carole Charter
see all hosts


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